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"The Art of the Outdoors"

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Anne M. Freeman Artist Vision Statement

          My work is characteristically narrative, not in a documentary sense, but with a greater focus on seeing the world through the lens of color and form. Whether I am engaged in photographing nature, buildings or candid shots of human subjects interacting with the outdoors, I tend to gravitate toward the abstract possibilities offered by objects in space in natural settings. I am most intrigued by color planes and flattened perspectives.


          Once I have a composition I am pleased with, I will often use the digital darkroom to enhance the object’s form and energy. In some instances this results in total abstractions. Umbrellas become color field paintings. Beach towels become studies in color, texture and contrast. In others, the narrative content is more readily apparent, even though I may sometimes play with scale. I also frequently employ “paintography” techniques in the digital darkroom to transform photographs into digital “paintings.” I favor these techniques when I want to focus on action or flatten the perspective. In any event, I seek to capture a moment in time. This is especially true when I’m shooting animals and candid shots of people.

          My desire is to encourage the viewer to reconsider how they view the world around them and the relational aspects of objects in time and space. I am inspired by American Artist Clarence Carter, particularly his Over and Above series of animal and insect paintings which I viewed as a youth, and was overwhelmed by their great color planes and startling imagery. I am also strongly influenced by older Asian art, especially paintings and prints, with their flat perspectives and crisp, graceful lines. Above all, I want people to find delight in the world they see framed through my camera lens.


Below:  Samples from some of my paintography print collections.


From The "Big Cat" Art Print Series



 "Satiated" - Copyright Anne M. Freeman

I captured this leopard lounging in a large Acacia tree in the Serengeti, shortly after it had eaten its fill from a wildabeast kill.  I used the digital darkroom to manipulate the photo to take on a look of watercolor.



From the "Old Barns and Outbuildings"    Art Print Series

"Two Windows" - Copyright Anne M. Freeman

Wandering around the back roads of Western New Jersey is a terrific way to spend a Saturday afternoon, especially with my camera.  This paintography print features the textures of a crazy-quilt barn.




From The "Spring Fling" Art Print Series

                   "Violet Swirl" - Copyright Anne M. Freeman

Capturing the delicate gift of wildflowers ... I love how photographs make them last longer than the precious few days they paint our world with joy!



From the "Beach Graphics" Art Print Series

"Beach Graphics #42" - Copyright Anne M. Freeman

What is it?  Something you find and use at the beach ... in the waves.  This print is a closeup of the edge of a boogie boar.  In this series, I explore the sights and sounds of the beach from a different perspective.